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Through Beintoo you can promote your apps and create a true network among them. Stop with the display advertising that only leads to simple downloads, let your players achieve profitable engagement whithin your apps and start to seriously monetize.


You have an app and you want to make it accessible and get more out of it? Integrate Beintoo. No need for your apps to be “games” since Beintoo can introduce them into its eco-system and gamify them with its social items. Beintoo creates a true engagement layer for all the applications you need.


On Beintoo you can create contests to increase your users engagement. All contests will have their own leaderboard and will allow users to build themselves new reputations and earn more offers. Through Beintoo, players can also find a lot of challenges and challenge their friends to win more Bedollars and offers.


True missions with sequential unlockable steps: for each completed step set by developers, users can unlock a badge. Achievements can involve your player and give you one more chance to reward them.

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