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(version 1.0 dated 28/07/2017)

Dear Visitor (hereinafter, “You” or the ‘”User“),


This page is owned by the company Beintoo S.p.a. having its registered office in Corso di Porta Romana 68, 20122, Milano (Italia), VAT No. and Fiscal Code No. 07295690965, registered with the Company Register of Milan under No. MI-1949117 (hereinafter, “We” or the “Company“).


Our Company carries on the activity of Mobile Marketing and Advertising.


Considered the above, we are a third party in relation to the website and/or the mobile version of the website and/or the app where you are coming from (the ”Website of Origin”)


Since our services uses the so called cookies for several purposes, we hereby aim at explaining to You what cookies are and how they are used.


Certain cookies (the so called proprium cookies or first part cookies) are conveyed and controlled by us directly. The Company collects and processes your personal data by means of these cookies. We hereby explains to You how We collect such data, for which purposes and what your rights are, also pursuant to Article 13 of the Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003 (the “Privacy Code”).


Other cookies (i.e. third party cookies) are however conveyed and controlled by third parties. In this policy you will find links to the information published by these third parties, which we suggest you to read carefully.



  1. What cookies are and what they are for


The cookies are small text files that the websites visited by a user send directly to its terminal (usually, to the browser), where they are memorised to be transmitted to the same websites at the following visit of the same by the same user (the so called proprium first part cookies). During the web surfing of a website, a user may receive on its terminal also cookies of other websites or of other web servers (the so called third parties cookies); this happens because there may be elements on the visited website, such as images, maps, sounds, links to specific web pages of other domains that are on servers other than the server on which the requested page is placed. In other words, such cookies are set up on a website other than the one that is currently visited.


The cookies may have a duration limited to a single session of navigation on the browser (the so called session cookies), and, in such event, they deactivate automatically once the browser is closed by the user; or may have a predetermined duration and, in such event, they will remain memorised and active on your hard disk until the expiry date, thus continuing collecting information during different sessions of navigation on the browser (the so called permanent cookies).


The cookies are used for several purposes. Certain cookies are necessary in order to allow You to surf the website and benefit of its functionalities (the so called technical cookies). Other cookies are used in order to obtain statistical information, whether in aggregate or not, about the number of users accessing the website and how the website is used (the so called monitoring cookies or analytics). To the end, other cookies are used in order to track your consumer profile and make You viewing advertisings that may be of interest for You, since complying with your preferences and your consumer habits (the so called profiling cookies).


In order to know more in details such different categories of cookies please continue reading such policy. Please discover how they works and for what use they are for, and choose freely if you want to consent to their use or prevent the same.


  1. Monitoring cookies or “analytics”


The analytics are used in order to collect statistical information, whether on aggregate or not, on the number of users accessing a service.


The analytics cookies are third parties cookies, since they are not conveyed directly by us they are not installed directly by the Company but by third parties subjects.


The following third parties analytics are installed without your prior consent, since the same are not anonymised, given that third parties can access to analytics disaggregated data at the IP address level (in other words, using these cookies, third parties could theoretically go back to your identity by means of the IP address):


Cookie’s denomination Cookie’s category Link to the policy / opt-out instructions
Google Analytics – third party analytics cookies

– lasting


You are clearly free to block the installation of analytics cookies in any moment whatsoever and this will not compromise in any manner whatsoever the possibility to visit the Website of Origin and benefit of its contents. Please read carefully the third parties cookies policies, following the links specified in the above table, in order to know how to do it.


  1. Profiling cookies


The profiling cookies are used to create a user’s profile, based on the preferences and likings showed by You during the navigation on Internet and to make You display advertisings consistent with your profile. In such way, the advertisings that You will display could be more of interest for You.


Your prior consent is requested in order to install such cookies, as provided pursuant the current privacy law. For such a reason, when you access the Website of Origin a specific banner is displayed, informing you that (i) profiling cookies are used on the Website of Origin and that (ii) closing the banner, surfing on the home page or clicking whatever element on the home page outside the banner, You are giving your consent to the use of cookies. In the event that you express your consent to the use of cookies in this way, We will track your consent by means of a specific technical cookie. In this way, we will avoid you displaying the cookies banner during your following visits of the Website of Origin. Please take into account that, in the event that you remove from your browser such technical cookie with the modalities set forth under the following paragraph D, No. 1), the track of your consent would be lost and, therefore, the cookies banner will be displayed again during your following visit to the Website of Origin.


You are clearly free to block the installation of profiling cookies in any moment whatsoever and this will not compromise in any manner whatsoever the possibility to visit the Website of Origin and benefit of its contents.


Profiling systems, both cookie and Device data, will be installed by the Company itself (“first-party profiling cookies”). These cookies are permanent and they expire within 12 months. There follows below a list of the first-party profiling cookies that We utilize:


Cookie name Cookie category – third party profiling tracking

– lasting


In order to disable these profiling cookies, either change your browser settings (par. D, n.1) or read the information about Device data on the website


The greater part of the profiling cookies are installed by third parties that act as autonomous data controllers (third parties cookies). The third parties profiling cookies used by our Service are the specified in the following table, together with the link to the policies created by their developer:


Cookie’s denomination Cookie’s category Link to the policy / opt-out instructions
TheTradeDesk – third party profiling tracking

– lasting
Adform – third party profiling tracking

– lasting
Criteo – third party profiling tracking

– lasting
Cuebiq – third party profiling system

– lasting




  1. How to manage the cookies and oppose to their use


There are several options to manage, disable and remove the cookies.


(1) Modify your browser settings


Please follow the instructions provided by your browser’s producer to discover how to manage, disable or remove all the cookies (technical, analytics and profiling):




(2) Use our interactive instruments


In order to disable the third parties cookies, please see the privacy policies of those third parties installing analytics cookies (see paragraph B above) or profiling cookies (see paragraph C above) in order to know the other instruments available to you for managing, disabling and removing cookies and, more in general, to oppose to their use. Please be reminded that, by disabling third parties cookies, (i) you are opposing to their use not only on the Website of Origin, but on all the Internet websites on which such cookies are used and (ii) the possibility to surf on the Website of Origin and use its functionalities will not be jeopardised in any manner whatsoever. When you disable the third parties cookies, you will however display the banner on the cookies on the Website of Origin’s home page; but, in such event, closing the banner and surfing the home page or clicking an element whatsoever outside the banner, you will not receive any third party cookie you have duly disabled.


(3) Use the Internet website  


Your Online Choices is an Internet website managed by the non-profit organisation European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), the English version of the same is available at the address, providing information on the behavioural advertisings based on profiling cookies ( and allow the Internet users to oppose easily (opt-out) to the installation of the main profiling cookies installed by the marketing operators and used on Internet websites ( Before using this instrument, we hereby recommend you to read carefully the general terms and conditions of the site Your Online Choices (, the frequent asked questions (FAQ) ( and the users’ guide (


Please use Your Online Choices consciously. Indeed, notwithstanding that many of the most important marketing companies using cookies are members of the same, certain third parties installing cookies through the Website could not be members of Your Online Choices. Therefore, the use of Your Online Choices does not guarantee that third parties cookies will be received surfing on the Website. Please be remained that, removing all the cookies from the browser, also the technical cookies released by Your Online Choices in order to remind your choices could be removed, thus reactivating third parties cookies.


  1. Other information


As highlighted under the preamble of this policy, the Company collect and process certain personal data by means of the cookies conveyed directly on the Website (first part cookies). The Company acts as data controller of such data, in compliance with the provisions of the Privacy Code. Please note that we will process your data with electronic instruments only, in a much automatised manner and without any human intermediation. Therefore, our employees and co-workers will never access the content of your personal data obtained by means of cookies. Certain employees of ours and co-workers, appointed by us as data controllers, could make maintenance operations on IT systems that host your data, without the possibility to access their actual contents. The personal data could be memorised on servers managed by third parties (for example, providers of IT systems) or may be managed by online marketing specialised subjects, acting as external data controllers on the basis of a specific written appointment by the Company. We hereby inform you that, complying with the requirements and the guarantees provided under the law, your data could be transferred to Countries outside the European Economic Union that could not guarantee a level of privacy and personal data protection equal to the level of protection guaranteed by the Italian and European privacy laws. Your personal data will not be transferred to third parties data processors, nor will be disseminated.


  1. Your rights


Pursuant to Article 7 of the Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, No. 196, you have the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data pertaining to you and to know its content and source, verify the correctness of the same or require the integration, the update or the rectification of the same (Article 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003). You have also the right to require the cancellation, anonymisation or the block of data processed in breach of the law, as well as to oppose in any event, for legitimate reasons, to their processing. In the end, you have the right to obtain a list of the external data controllers appointed by the Company. In order to exercise your rights, or to obtain any other information or clarification in relation to this policy, please contact the Company by means of registered letter with return receipt (to the following address Corso di Porta Romana, 68 – Milan 20122– Italy), by e-mail (to the following address or by fax (to the following No. +39 02 97687959).