Beintoo’s technology enables marketers to understand users through a study of their actual behavior and interests. Through our proprietary platforms we fulfil brands’ needs with real time data and insights.
BeAudience is our proprietary mobile DMP, based on Advertising ID that Beintoo uses to aggregate and analyse audience based on recency, frequency, distance from POI and dwell time.
The DMP is integrated with our media buying tools and a couple of cross device technologies that allow us to use our segment in a cookie environment.
Beintoo helps clients understand store performance and optimize online-to-offline campaign accordingly to in-store visit rate. Our technology is capable to compare visits per location (POI), dwell time and frequency against campaign data in order to run effective A/B tests and monitor drive in-store traffic. Our platform collects data through Cuebiq SDK distributed exclusively by Beintoo in premium mobile application, but can ingest data feed from any other mobile data provider.
TRK is a campaign management and tracking platform, developed to collect post install events working in a cookieless environment.
The platform allows ad-ops to easily setup mobile marketing campaigns reducing to zero the time required to integrate advertisers tracking solutions: TRK is certified with the largest SDK tracking solutions (Tune, Kochava, Appsflyer, Adjust and Firebase) and advertisers don’t need to install an additional SDK.
TRK provides an easy reporting tool for both advertisers and publishers.

TRK tracks impressions and clicks that contain useful info
(lat long, publisher, creative, interaction…)

Users can be segmented into different categories (dating Apps, online games, gender specific Apps, business Apps) according to the Apps they have downloaded

Users can generate relevant in-app events (purchase, events, RSVP, search, checkin) useful to segment specific intents
Beintoo DSP runs premium and performance campaigns, thanks to the integration with the world’s most used Ad Serving Technologies. We can run geo-fencing campaign targeting users in a specific area and re-engage with your customer base thanks to retargeting capabilities. The DSP is connected with the largest mobile App and cookie base exchanges to access to premium inventory in a transparent way.

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