Beintoo is a mobile data company powering a new generation of relevant mobile advertising for brands and publishers.
Our technology enables marketers to understand users based on actual behavior and offline interests, provides a strong and native mobile engagement with the user, delivers mobile campaigns that drive users into stores.
We think that mobile advertising is the most sophisticated way to interact with your customers. You need specific technologies, granular data and mobile competences, that Beintoo brings together every day to offer you the best results.

• Beintoo is a mobile data company offering geo-behavioural advertising. Our DMP collects 0.5 TB of data every day from mobile devices, through SDKs and partnering with telcos, content providers and 3rd party data providers. Our geo-localization technology allows our clients to measure the drive-to-store conversion of their mobile campaigns, optimizing their spent on the fly.

• Beintoo is a programmatic company: we act as a trading desk, buying high quality and transparent inventory through a stack of mobile and cookie based DSPs. We collect mobile data but we deliver campaign across devices (mobile and desktop) everywhere.

• Our in-App tracking platform allows Beintoo to deliver the most qualified users for mobile performance campaigns, from mobile App install to in-App retargeting campaigns.

• Beintoo knows that mobile engagement requires specific Ad units, deep data and Ad personalization. For this reason Beintoo has an internal creative team that develops mobile engagement products and units to support clients in their mobile communication strategy.

Our mission is to offer our clients a mobile engagement that works both online and offline.


Andrea Campana


Marilena Pellegrini

Sales VP Manager

Fabio Cacciatore

Creative & Strategic Director